Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sydney DP's 2nd birthday

In the past year I learned how to use Picasa to make a collage.
When deciding how to illustrate a 2nd birthday I looked back at the photos I have posted in the past year, looking for my favourites - not necessarily the BEST, but my personal favourites.

In doing so I realised that my favourite photos are those which speak something of who we Sydney-siders (and in a couple of instances non-Sydney-siders) ARE. What do we do? How do we live? What do our faces and actions tell us? So, I give you 16 photos of people doing things, that somehow seem characteristic of US in all our diversity.

Thankyou to EVERYONE who has spent their time coming and looking at my snaps, reading my rants and leaving comments and generally engaging in this wonderful global community made possible through technology. I hope to be still going strong same time next year.

From top left to bottom right (click on each title below to see the original post):

Bronzed Aussie - 2 May 2007. Surveying the surf at Cronulla
Trusting Cyclist - 27 May 2007 - cyclist on way to work, Surry Hills
BYO Nargile - 16 July 2007 - family picnic at Garrison Point
Carp catching at Birrong - 28 June 2007 - clearing waterways of pest fish
On yer bike, Glebe - 16 Aug 2007 - youthful exuberance
Belly dancer - 27 Aug 2007 - Surry Hills
Recycling audit - 20 Sep 2007 - becoming more educated about recycling
Guest Workers in Australia - 28 Sep 2007 - protest about unfairness
Community Shed, Deloraine - 6 Nov 2007 - meeting Brian
Wading through cement - 28 Nov 2007 - remaking the footpath
Amy and Christina get ready for Christmas - 7 Dec 2007
Reading in the bookshop - 28 Dec 2007 - an activity close to my heart!
Washing the catch, Mossy Point - 10 Jan 2008 - SDP on holiday on the south coast
Straya Day, Carss Park - 26 Jan 2008 - youthful new Australian citizens, and Aboriginal dancers representing ancient culture
Lots of fun - 29 Jan 2008 - what would my collage be without some swimming!

Please indulge me - I am going to have a 2 day birthday party, and do another collage tomorrow. Please do return if you have time.


  1. Happy Blogiversary

  2. Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate.

  3. WOOHOOOO!! 2 years!! This collage is brilliant. The many faces of Sydneysiders.

    Have a fantastic day Sally. I'm having a coffee for you. Cappuccino right?

  4. Congratulations Sally! What a great effort to be able to keep it up and remain consistent for the whole time!


  5. Wonderful collage. Before reading your words it was so obviously a collage of people. I so agree with you - people are a city. Of course we have to show the architecture, the events too but personally I prefer taking portraits and posting them to any other type of photography. This is a great choice of people and great idea to post the links below.

    I'll definitely be back tomorrow.

    Happy 2nd birthday and I know you'll be here next year. So will I to celebrate your 3rd with you.

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday! It is quite an achievement.

    Our little girl is growing up. ;-)

  7. Oh, no, the "terrible 2's!" Happy B'day, Sally! 2 years of daily posts is a lot of posts ;)

    I must go have a look and see what you've been blogging about lately!

  8. You have me by 4 days, that's kinda funny actually. 2 years rocks! yee haw!!

  9. Congratulations Sally, what an achievement!

    I enjoyed your collage very much.
    But what? No photo of Ben (or somewhat) playing footy? I'm awaiting your second collage tomorrow LOL !

    We had fog in Avignon yesterday, I will post some photos of that today.

  10. happy birthday - join the club - I think there are now around 30 or so of us who've done this for more than 2 years now.

    That is a really nice collage.

  11. Sally,
    For me, my fave Sydney snap is your avitar (which changed this year, btw). And I think one of the other ones I've loved was the photo from your room. So really, what I like most from this two year exposure to Sydney, has been people, too; namely, you! There's no denying you show us one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, yet its your way of commenting on it and bringing things to light for us in very human terms that I have loved most. Thanks for two years of daily exposure, and your "bloggy goodnes." Congrats on #2, and cheers to the next 365 views!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  12. Before I read your words, I thought how beautifully you had captured the feel of Sydney.
    There's an exuberance.

    Congratulations on 200 posts!
    It's no mean feat.

  13. Yeah - not quite sure how 2 years = 200 posts.
    That's a bit of creative mathematics on my behalf!

  14. Wonderful collage and congratulations for your first 2 years!

  15. Two birthdays! That is twice as nice as one. This collage is interesting. I like the lady in red. Well.

  16. Sally!

    Well done! And a very Happy 2nd Birthday!
    (it goods to feel young eh? )

  17. 2 years young Sally - wow - well done and congrats!!

    I do so love a party!! Any chance of fireworks on the bridge???

  18. Congratulations! I love the collage.

  19. Congratulations on your achievement; two years of wonderful pictures and commentary. The collage is great way of showing your highlights.

  20. There is no doubt, this site is a behemoth! What an achievement, well done Sally.

  21. Wishing you a very happy birthday :)

  22. Bravo! And thank you, Sally, for being there to show us your wonderful city downunder. Maybe you know how I loke to do collages in Arradon too and this one is really beautiful. I'll come back tomorrow to see the other one.

  23. Happy blogversary to you and your blog, you have done well to make it two years.

    Now, where is the cake?

    Hobart Daily
    Bicheno Daily

  24. As someone just a few days away from a first birthday, I can only sit and admire the determination and stick-to-it-ness that it takes to make to the second big one. Happy Birthday. An honor well earned.

  25. A big congratulations on your 2nd birthday. That's a lot of photographs and a lot of typing. Very, Very well done.

  26. Happy Birthday!

    Seattle, Washington

  27. Congratulations Sally! Happy 2nd b'day, two year old -:)

    After just completing 100 posts a few days ago I know how much time is involved, and blogging is an inter-active endeavor ... not a one-way street. Well done. I like your collage concept ... wish I had time to explore each and every one of those paths, but your post yesterday really gets at the crux of this. Discern when you learn. What a great quote.

    OK, let's see what your next 365 brings. ~Chuck

  28. Congratulations, happy 2! A grand achievement.

  29. Sally, what an enormous achievement this is. I know since LAGDP will be two years on May 1st.

    Happy Blogiversary!

    And thanks for showing how in many ways we are different and the same the world over. ;-)

    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

    Ya queremos pastel, ya queremos pastel, aun que sea un pedacito, pero queremos pastel.

  30. Congratulations, Sally! Great achievement, and I thank you for the many pleasureable moments you have given us, as well as the information you have included on both places and people in your commentary. I'm far more interested in your part of the world now because of this. Bravo!!

  31. Happy anniversary to Sidney DP! Here's too many more.


  32. You have been also faithful and trustworthy "blogperson", thank you for that!
    Happy blogging still for a long time !

    Thank you for your visits my blog, Sally, I appreciate it.

  33. Hi Sally. Birthday greetings. It seems that quite a few of us have been doing this for 2 years now. I guess you like me, always strive to find an interesting picture to show. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. You always seem to find something different to show us about Sydney. I wish Gail & I could live there.

  34. Well done on reaching two years! That is a lot of photos! I love your collage. Often many CDP blogs contain buildings etc (mine included!) so its nice to see a human side to a city. I haven't been over to visit your Sydney blog in quite a while but I'll make sure I check you out more often. Keep up the good blog work :)

  35. Happy 2nd Birthday to SDP. Reaching the 2 years is a huge accomplishment.

    Thank you for visiting Albuquerque DP and for leaving me a comment!

  36. Happy 2nd Birthday! I'm only discovering you now through Seattle Daily Photo's blog. I will now check back often as this blog is great and I hope to visit Australia someday!

  37. Congratulations and happy birthday. Your collage is wonderful and your insight that what you find most enjoyable are photos of people ... best wishes for many more photos to come.

  38. Happy birthday sydney, you are doing a great job, love the collage.

  39. Happy 2nd Birthday Sally !!! It's great to see you are at the second birthday and I am proud to consider you a friend. P.S. I didn't have no doubt about your vote ;-)

  40. Happy 2nd blog birthday Sally. I'm a bit late but that seems to be my lot in life these days. I've been busy watching the wrap up of the 2020 Summit which seems to have been a huge success.
    Your photos are always inspirational and heartwarming for me because I lived for many years in Sydney but it is a city that evolves almost on a daily basis and you always manage to capture something that I've not seen before or something I hadn't noticed. For that I thank you dear.

  41. Hey Sally, I'm sorry, I'm a bit late, but I have an excuse: I was away and - believe it or not - little access to the Internet!

    A big round of applause for you; I know it's difficult to post daily for 2 years...

    I hope I can meet you for real one day.

  42. Thank you Sally, for showing us scenes from a city that is so diverse, so large and so fascinating.
    You have shown us such a marvellous cross section of Sydney life, that it would be impossible to beat.
    Thanks too for putting up with me trespassing in your town and sneaking in a few of my own. Naturally, the temptation is great when I visit my little grandson.
    Anyhow he has Adelaide blood.

    Congrats for 2 years; may the next 2 be rippers, too.
    And, - DO send us bulletins from France if you can.

  43. Congrats Sally! We share the same daily photo bday, but mine is only 1 year old. Here's to many beautiful photos to come!

    Port Angeles Daily Photo

  44. Many Happy (if slightly belated) birthday wishes from London

  45. although belated, still meant with all my heart; Gefeliciflapstaart met je 2e verjaardag !!

  46. Happy belated birthday Sally! A great collage to celebrate the day. Keep up the wonderful work! :)