Thursday, 16 August 2007

On yer bike, Glebe

This area was a Council works depot for many years, and then a refuse disposal incinerator in the 1930s. Now re-developed as upmarket housing and recreation space, linking with waterfront walking and bicycle paths. Nice.
Click here to see a wider view of the redevelopment and how it integrates with the older terraced house scape.


  1. Sally - thanks for your comment today. To tell the truth, I hate my daughter's tattoos but she's a grown woman and can (and does) do as she pleases.

    The development in your photo today sounds like a great idea. We don't have a lot of housing along the Mississippi River - it's not nearly as attractive as Sydney Harbor.


  2. I was trying to come up with a term to describe this brushed steel architecture. Couldn't come up with it. Very utilitarian and sturdy looking stuff.

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  3. Greetings from hot ( in Finnish way! 25 Celsius )sunny Finland!
    I have lost too many your posts during summer, but I will read them all, when this last hot day is over :)
    You have a lot of interesting photos and stories to look at including today`s post.

    Have a nice Thursday evening there faraway!

  4. My idea of a place to live in town. I like the photography and the use of the building in your development photo.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  5. How do you make Sydney look so perfect.... probably because it IS.

  6. That looks like a nice area.

  7. Great, the architecture is fine but the girl on the bike 'makes it'.

  8. I think it's wonderful that planners now incorporate bikepaths and walkways into developments...some inspired thinking at last!

  9. The steel columns fit very well with the steel bike. The wider view shows an interesting and attractive perspective too.

  10. heh?
    I saw the same picture of this place (I think) (on another blog from some-one in Sydney) Also of this pilar building I mean. Thats a co-incident I quess... But I like the style it fits in the surrounding, and therefore also the photo...

    Today I posted some Dutch 'cows' again see my blog,

    Greetings from JoAnn

  11. nice compo... i like the idea of this photo. I think i would like to try to make one like this :-D

    Indonesian Weekly Photo

  12. ... note:
    i am borrowing your idea, hahaha :-D