Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wading through cement

Last week we came home to find our footpath had disappeared! This morning a cement truck pulled up, poured the new footpath, and - voilà - half an hour later we had a smoothed out new section of footpath drying.


  1. Photos of workmen always interest me, and I, too, enjoy taking them. One of the workmen has an extraordinary tatoo!!

  2. that's a great man at work post Sally.
    your community it seems is very well looked after!
    love that tattoo =)

  3. just wondering, how long does the cement take to set?

    oh dear Sally, were you naughty and stuck your paw prints on the cement? ;-p

  4. the concrete draws everywhere in the same way.
    and to have made my terrace; it is necessary to envisage to drink