Sunday, 8 April 2007

South Coast Landscape

A couple of months ago I showed you what the drought-afflicted landscape looks like inland from the coast. It still looks pretty much like that. (Reminder here)
Along the narrow coastal strip between the sea and the Great Dividing Range, it's a different story, as this photo shows.
(Sorry I can't visit all your sites; I'm back on the 41kps dial-up!)


  1. What a dramatic difference.

    Yesterday scientists put out a new report saying that it's almost irreversible now, that drought conditions will, before long, extend over almost the entire western US. I'm wondering if anyone is listening?

  2. What a gorgeous pastoral scene!
    Beautiful landscape..
    Happy Easter from Minneapolis!

  3. Sally the photo is wondeful and Chris & Deb said right. Then I understand what you mean about poor connection... so don't worry !!!

  4. I LOVE this scenery. It speaks to me in some ways that some French countryside areas don't.
    Thanks for that. I could look at it for ages.