Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Cook + Phillip Park

Looking from the steps of St Mary's Cathedral towards the Australian Museum. Tomorrow, a glimpse of what's underneath the paving. This area is a favourite with skate boarders - see a previous photo here. The area is criticised for being stark, user un-friendly and in bad repair; a major upgrade is about to get underway, which will see an end to the skaters.
I think that's a bit of a shame unless an alternative is provided for them; kids, especially teenage boys seems to get a raw deal in urban areas. What do you think?


  1. Well, this place definetely pictures well. As for the space being torn down - that's a shame especially if the kids are using it. Keep us posted on teh progress.

  2. the place looks very nice, simple and colourful, i quite like it.

  3. waouhh. la place est superbe, et avec toute cette place je comprends que les skatters viennent ici. Belle photo

    waouhh. the place is superb, and with all this place I understand that the skatters come here. Beautiful photograph

  4. Couldn't agree more Sally!
    I believe kids should be allowed around the city, and not only in the places specifically devoted to them, which are few and far between. I really enjoy seeing skateboarders there and would be upset to see them out.

  5. I love the huge boxes of flowers. They are spectacular.

    I didn't realize they were so big until I clicked to enlarge the photo and saw how much they dwarf the kids standing next to them.

  6. oldagepensioner with sound memory11 April, 2007 08:00

    Nowadays almost everyone thinks his group, however defined, is the one getting a raw deal. There used to be a common expression in Australia, "whingeing Pom"; but you don't hear it much any more, perhaps because we're setting the benchmark for world's best practice level of complaining?

    That site used to be a bowling club, and kids living in the area came from homes which could provide them very little. Today, both kids and old wrinklies like myself are extremely well catered for --- but like every other group in Australia we still tend to complain.