Saturday, 21 April 2007

Market City

The major fruit, vegetable and produce markets of Sydney have moved from the Haymarket (Chinatown) area in central Sydney to Flemington in the western suburbs. Nevertheless, the site has been incorporated into the "Market City" development, which includes a retail fruit and veg section, and tourist/ cheap mass-produced stuff stalls (called 'Paddy's Market'), as well as a modern retail mall and food court.
But don't confuse it with Paddington Market, which is a high quality crafts marekt held each Saturday in the grounds of Paddington United Church.


  1. Paddy's market is huge. When we were there last year, we must have spent a good 2 hours or so walking round the various stalls. some good stuff, but a lot of tat.

  2. Great face for a promising inside; and almost one hundred years old...

  3. Wow. That facade is outstanding. I assume the produce inside is as good as the front looks.

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    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. Reminds me a little bit of San Francisco.

  5. The facade brings back memories of a different world. It's not possible to describe adequately the vibrancy of those markets over half a century away now. I'd love to be able to have my grandkids experience it.

  6. That is a great looking building - it looks old but still contemporary - is it all original or was the glass added later?

  7. I remember there's a supermarket there! Safeway or something like that.

    I had to do last minute shopping for my sis on the way back to Singapore, I got quite a fair bit from the supermarket there! haha...

    It's a nice market!

  8. I always think the outside of the current Paddy's is more promising than the inside, but I do go there to buy blank cardstock for craft activities.

    norman: My husband talks about the days when his grandfather who owned a fruit shop used to drive his truck in on a Sunday afternoon, park it in a prime spot, catch the train home, and it would be ready for his return Monday mornign to load up with his wholesale fruit and veg.

    mountainboy: the glass was added later in the remodelling and making of a modern retail centre.

  9. Great post, love hearing about new places to shop :)

    I have been living in Sydney 5 years now and just love the shopping in Haymarket, and Paddy's Market is one of may favorite places to shop.

    I started using a new system for my weekly shopping expeditions and have a separate account hooked up to a debit card (i used this site to find a good one and only transfer over what I am allowed to spend. This keeps me from buying that extra pair of shoes I really, really, really need :P