Saturday, 7 April 2007

The Blowhole at Kiama

Kiama is a rapidly developing, formerly sleepy holiday town, a couple of hours south of Sydney. It's apopular day trip from Sydney, or stop when heading firther south (like us).
Ever since people have been taking holidays, the main attraction at Kiama has been the blowhole. The first European to see it was George Bass in 1797. Aboriginal people know it as Khanterintee.

Yesterday we stopped at Kiama for fish and chips for lunch. The blowhole was working a treat.

Click here for more about how the blowhole works, including a really cool animation. People can and do scuba dive the blowhole. Read more here.

As the water receded after a blow, a lovely rainbow emerged:

and then disappeared again until next time:


  1. Hey Sally, 'bleak' is the word to describe the north coast today, so hoping it's a diamond day where you are.Good day to stay inside with a batch of soup in the crockpot, and make jewellery or ATCs. Are you anywhere near Narrawallee??

  2. Wonderful landscape and that rainbow is simply astonishing!

    Blather From Brooklyn

  3. Fantastic series of photograph, Sally. Amazing with the rainbow and then the one afterwards. Must be quite a sight to see in the flesh, as it were. thanks for sharing. What a stunning country you live in.

    J x

  4. how interesting.

    another location to mark to visit!
    Blessed Easter!

  5. Yay, I've been there! The blow-hole is really cool. We only realised once we got home though, that in our enthusiasm we'd probably overdone it a little on the photo side - we must have at least 30 or 40 photos of the water coming up, and going down, coming up, and going down, coming up... you get the idea. And some video too. Typical tourists. :-D Kiama is a lovely little place, very picturesque, and there's even a shop there that bears my name (Kerry's Klothing). That was a great day, spent with wonderful, much-loved people - thanks for the memory.

  6. Wow! That's incredible Sally. What was the climb like to get up there?

    South Shields Daily Photo

  7. this blow hole kills any of our blowholes - the rainbow is the winner in this batch of photos!

  8. wow.. u managed to see the blowhole in its full glory! My fiancee and I were there in Jan08, and we were quite disappointed that the plume of water barely made it out the hole! And u got yourself a rainbow from the blowhole too! You must be very lucky that day! =)