Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wendy's Garden, Lavender Bay

From the North Sydney Council website:

"The area of state rail land situated between Clark Park and the railway lines/viaduct has been transformed from a weed-infested, neglected area into an intimate and attractive garden space which is an integral part of the Lavender Bay Parklands. Council currently leases this land from Railcorp, for the purposes of public open space."

The creation of this garden was the work of Wendy Whitely, after her husband, artist Brett Whitely died in 1992. It was her work of creativity born of grieving. Their daughter, Arkie, helped with the project. Arkie died in 2001. Both Brett and Arkie's ashes are buried here, in a location known only to Wendy.

The sculpture is entitled "Head" and is by Joel Elenberg, who was a friend of Brett Whitely's. He died of cancer, aged 32, in 1980.

Wendy's Secret Garden


  1. I love this area. I occasionally took walks to Lavender bay when I worked in Sussex Street, it's not that far, just across the bridge. And it's a different world. Beautiful sculpture in a lush tropical vegetation environment.

  2. Garden's are everyone favorite. Even though children’s also like to go their and also like to play their. So we must also go botanical garden.

  3. It is a beautiful, tranquil place. I have conducted a few weddings there and been surprised at how quiet and lovely it is.
    Elaine Searle