Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Leaf-vessel by Virginia King (New Zealand)

This beautiful "leaf vessel" is made of marine grade stainless steel. Virginia King, the artists,says: "My sculpture celebrates life in the South Pacific. By magnifying and abstracting the scale and complexity of natural life forms, I draw attention to their beauty and fragility and the vulnerability of the Earth's ecosystems. Inspired by the ocean and informed by mythology, history, science and literature, the work expresses concerns about ecology and survival and the delicate balance between sustainability and progress. Predominantly my work is created from sustainable timbers, cast bronze and hand finished stainless steel.

The vessel form, a recurrent theme, represents life's journey, hope and migration. Within Leaf-vessel the structural spear symbolises strength and protection."


  1. Great photography as usual--this is one of my favourites--I also love its sister sculpture in the tent exhibition.
    The shell is magic.

  2. Outstanding sculpture and photography! :)