Friday, 12 November 2010

the sky is falling by Hannah Kidd

It's Sculpture By The Sea time, an annual event where sculptures are displayed between Tamarama and Bondi beaches. For the next little while, come on a visit with me!
Today is such a beautiful hot, sunny day I thought I'd start with this one, which seems appropriate.

the sky is falling is by Hannah Kidd, a New Zealander. Made of steel rod and corrugated iron.

The artist says: "Ignorance is bliss - sometimes it gets overwhelming thinking about our contribution to climate change - wouldn't it be easier to be the household pet?"

It reminds me of the leathery "old timers" on the beach, there after a lifteime of sun worship, displaying their join-the-dots skin cancers!


  1. Oh, good. I was hoping someone was going to cover this. I didn't get there this year.

  2. Sculpture by the Sea again, already?! How did the year pass so quickly?
    I look forward to seeing the marvels of it in your blog.
    This is a great start, even with your scary comment about the dots. Oi.
    And is that a Speedo? :)

  3. Oh, terrific Ann - I hope you enjoy!
    Yes, Dina - another year ALREADY!
    Speedos - maybe not the brand, but the concept, yep!

  4. The two people look very stiff in their posture. I like the dog best!