Thursday, 18 December 2008

Rodd Mausoleum. Sydney Sandstone Tour Part 11

A family mausoleum, carved by convicts, for a prominent family, the Rodds. Located at Rodd Point on Iron Cove. Rodd and his wife lived nearby with 12 children. Ten of thir embalmed bodies ended up in the mausoleum, and in 1903 were removed to Rookwood Cemetery.


  1. The is probably the fella after whom Rodd Island is named.

    To the modern age this sort of internment and land-usage is unthinkable. I guess history will be the loser though ...

    Now that is another thing I want to do: take a tour of Rookwood. I simply have to retire - there are too many things that I need to do!

    Terrific post, Sally.

  2. What a strange story! And place!
    Well, just one more thing for the convicts to do...
    Maybe I can get the kids to go visit there NEXT week!
    Thanks for all the sandstone.

  3. Bit of history about it here:

    I will be going to check it out this weekend