Monday, 15 December 2008

An Old Broom: Sydney Sandstone Part 8

Does an old broom sweep as clean? It was quite funny seeing it placed neatly along this sandstone ledge on my morning walk to the station.


  1. Ha, that IS strange. It's like at a dig. At the end of each work day we have to sweep and brush the stones and leave them sparkling (like ready to be photographed usually).
    I love your sandstone, whether in buildings or raw. Thanks for the series.

  2. This one is half raw and half build - well, cut to a purpose. The chipped bits show the beauty of the rock, don't they.

    Did you knick the broom? It's better than the one I use on my courtyard!

  3. Sally, apologies. I've not visited and goodness, what joys I've missed. Your various photographs of the rock formations and history are superb.

    This is arresting - tells a story - one we can make up. Nice one.

  4. Maybe a piece of Modern Art???!!!

  5. Nice shot! There seems to be such a story behind it...