Sunday, 7 December 2008

Amicus Certus

Symbol on the side of the AMP (Australian Mutual Provident Society) building at Circular Quay.
The full motto is Amicus certus in re incerta (a sure friend in an uncertain event).


  1. I always pop in to check your pics nearly every day and never leave a comment. Sorry! Love the pics and the insight to your world down under!

    Jean, England

  2. Nice motto — insurance company? I like the long, lean lines of the sculpture.

  3. Insurance companies & banks are having a very hard time here in the UK at the moment. I don't think their motto would hold much respect with customers these days.

  4. I can't remember ever seeing this - I love it.

    Strange that it says 1960, I would have dated it to more like 1930 but there you go...

    I loved your gorgeous sunset and the view of Sydney Hospital with jogger - I remember having lunch there with a friend several times.

  5. ... and forgot to say, loved your Felix the Cat and ugly Bondi building shots. I know exactly where the two of them are. Oh what memories...

  6. ... and another thing: I heard that Jorn Utzon died a few days ago. I was very sad. What a brilliant architect he was! Was it big on the Aussie news? I saw there's a tribute to him on the SOH website. Anything else planned?

  7. This is beautiful. Almost Art Deco one would say. And snap, Sally - apologies for not visiting for a while. Thanks for yours today. It's been great catching up with your lovely photos.

    Very cold here...

  8. That's a nice statue and slogan for an insurance company. Not sure if I'm buying it, but it sounds nice at least!

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