Sunday, 19 October 2008

Pretty front garden

A lovely front garden with neatly trimmed buffalo grass, and flowering borders. So many places nowadays have hard surfaces - paving and concrete - that the traditional front garden is rapidly disappearing. That is happening at the same time as housing densities are increasing, so townhouses, multiple occupancy developments are replacing single suburban lots. There's more demand for off-street parking (see the house next door in the background) as the volume of cars increases that soft surfaces are replaced by concrete aprons to park cars, even in single dwellings.

Anyway, here's an exuberant celebration of the freestanding house with a well-kept front yard.


  1. I love a well kept yard. I'm always feeling my best when I am working in my garden!!!

  2. Gorgeous garden! I'm with vodka mom, I feel best in the garden, too.

  3. This garden does look pretty. I'm really lucky to have a husband who's a keen gardener. He has our gardens, front and back, looking just beautiful at the moment, full of colour and new growth.