Monday, 20 October 2008

Imag ne (Sculpture By The Sea 1)

I Imagine.
I Imagine life without joggers...(it would be easier to walk in Sydney's beautiful places!)

Then I imagine the Unimaginable:
Sydney without Sculpture By The Sea in October/November...
Sydney without the sandstone cliffs and blue seas of its beautiful coastline...

Most weekday mornings I roll out of bed at about 5.15, telling myself it's "good for me" in order to walk or swim. This morning, a grey day, I was on the road before dawn headed for the coast walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches, to join the rushing stream of joggers and walkers, and view the annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition.

Over the next however-long-it-takes I'll bring you photos from along the walk.

Sculpture By The Sea has now been exported from Sydney to Perth and Aarhus in Denmark (the latter under the sponsorship of Australian-born Princess Mary of Denmark).

This work, Imag ne is by Emma Anna, who says: "I imagine people sitting out here on the rocks in the afternoon, looking through the gap in the work to the horizon beyond....This part of Sydney is such a beautiful space - you can place a very contemplative sort of sculpture here and it just fits." (Sydney Morning Herald October 16, 2008)

Where do your imaginings take you?


  1. I'm glad the work struck a cord with you Sally!
    I apologise that I can't do anything about the joggers but do hope that their heads are being filled with John's lyrics...
    xx EA

  2. My imag nings, Sally, take me just where you are. Exactly there, along that coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama. I know it so well I could tell every bend and curve, every set of steps up and down, and I'm getting a kick out of this post, you just can't imagine.

    Keep them coming for as long as you can Sally, I'll be your dedicated fan.

  3. As Nathalie said my imagination takes me to that fantastic piece of coastline.

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