Saturday, 25 October 2008

Curves and Circles (Sculpture By The Sea 6)

A treat for the weekend: a collection of sculptures where curves are the main feature.
Above: M-thirteen by James Parrett. Made of aluminium and marine ply. The artist says: " A continuing fascination with the aesthetic potential of the circular form. Through the dissection and reconfiguration of arcs, new and intriguing possibilities are created."

I certainly found it aesthetically pleasing, and it gave me a sense of harmony and calm.

Below: Keizo Ushio by Oushi Zokei 2008. This much more solid work, of white granite, also please me. This renowned Japanese artist has exhibited ten times in Sculpture by the Sea.

Above: Obelisk by Leonard Sabol, who says: "Obelisk is proof to myself that I can make anything of steel."

Above: Sky Catcher II by Bob Emser. Made of stainless steel and aluminium.

Reminds me of Native North American dream catchers. Through the work, on the sea you can see Spheres by Sophie Hoppe, pvc and polystyrene spheres bobbing on the sea. Hoppe says: "This work is a kinetic installation portraying an invisible constraint" (...errr, whatever that means!)

Tomorrow: From curves to lines and planes


  1. How I'm enjoying this Sally!

    Still very jealous not to be there myself though - nothing beats the wind and salty air in your face and the sound of the waves crashing and .... oh, I'd better stop, this is hurting me LOL

  2. This place is such a beautiful showcase for these works! And fortunately, nobody can catch the sky!

  3. The gears is the greatest accomplishment of all. And to me it must have been so difficult that making it look this good was art in itself.

    I turned 74 today.

  4. This is such a great series, Sally. I love the second photograph with the views beyond.

    Thanks for querying iMac. All going well - few hiccups, much learning but slowly getting there. Fabulous screen for photographs. Makes you wonder tho how they look on a normal screen. I don't know which to use to choose a pic!

  5. Sal, Cobber, you're a bloody Ace! Trust Oz to come to the aid of the Old Country when the Poms are really needy and whinging!!

    Tks.....I admire you even more!!

  6. WHat a gorgeous series of shots. Just beautiful.

  7. wonderful sculptures.

    there's a little something for you on my blog!

  8. The Obelisk by Leonard Sabol and Keizo Ushio by Oushi Zokei are my favorites. They are interesting yet beautiful.

  9. Wow - these are wonderful. So much better here with that magnificent backdrop than in an art gallery!!!

  10. this is indeed a weekend treat!
    The 1st one is beautiful & the I am amazed how Oushi Zokei can make stone look limp like rubber - wow. Wonderful post!