Thursday, 6 December 2007

Bedford St, Surry Hills

Yesterday's photo subject, Cleveland House, is over your left shoulder from where this photo was taken. This looks along Bedford St towards Chalmers St, with the swimming pool at Prince Alfred Park visible at the end of the street. (More pics of the pool here). The sandstone building on the right at the front is an old Presbyterian church.


  1. I just lost a lengthy comment to you. Darn! First, I like the patterns in both yesterday's and today's photos: the railing and now the brick walk. Last night I heard on public radio about a fascinating program in Sydney called Men's Sheds. Apparently it has had a great deal of success for bringing older men from all walks of life together who, for some reason or another, have lost their zest for life. Initially informally structured but now with some social programs, the Sheds are scattered all over Sydney. Have you heard of it? Has their been media coverage? I'm fascinated by this grassroots program which seems to have helped scores of men.

  2. Hi Kate

    Yes, I do know about men's Sheds, and did a blog about them (and broader community sheds) from Tasmania:

    Community Shed, Deloraine

  3. So, who's enjoying the pool now that the fog is visiting us early morning?...
    Great red sky picture; I'm envious!

  4. Advance happy holidays I may say. Your images are great, did you took it on your own?

    Though I also have mine, I'm not as good as you..:)
    Digital Photography