Thursday, 29 March 2007

Walking all over Sydney!

Here are a couple of ways to walk all over Sydney.

You could decide to follow the example of 92 year-old Alan, who in 2003 set out to walk every street in every suburb of Sydney. Here is his fantastic website charting his journeys. Be warned - you can spend all day lost in this site! It's very funny (hint: start with the "Surprises" menu). If I have half as much energy when I'm in my 90s, I'll be thrilled.

Or, you could call in to Customs House at Circular Quay where this scale model of the city is under a glass floor. There's a light-filled atrium above, which makes it hard to photograph (but you get some great reflections), and the glass is a bit scratched.


  1. It's amazing, Sally. Great scale model.

    What a guy! 92!? and what a fantastic site. Thank you for link. I wish I could be active like him when I get to that age blanket.

  2. Very cool Sally! I believe Shanghai also has a full-scale model of their city.
    I'll have to check out the Sydney Walker's site....sounds very interesting.

  3. you should have told me earlier!

    i have walked by foot lots of places in sydney, but never covered all of it, maybe another trip next year maybe? hehe...

  4. Well the link is amazing and this photo and explanation is even more stunning.
    720 pixels
    Brookville Daily Photo

  5. Hi Sally,
    Thanks for the link to a wonderful and very inspiring website. Alan is just incredible! He's also got two wonderful sons, one who drives him around and one who maintains the website.
    Kudos to all three of them!

  6. Great shots Sally, it is quite insperational to hear of a 92 yr old man with not only the desire to walk all the streets of Sydney but the energy to do it too!!

  7. OK, but don't you get a little dizzy looking down at the model below? ;)

    I'll go have a look at that wonderful 92 y old guy's website now.