Friday, 16 March 2007

Cadman's Cottage

This cottage, in the historic Rocks area of Sydney was built in 1816. It is the oldest surviving residence. The first shelters built by Europeans were wattle and daub huts, or wooden slab huts. None of those exist any more. More here.


  1. Thank you Sally!
    This is an interesting knowledge, the cottage seems to be well done and fine, that it`s the museum now.
    I looked also at pages of National Heritage, it`s always so fascinating to read about those old days.

  2. You're bringing back happy memories of my trip to visit my brother and family in Sydney in 2004... I think I was in this exact spot at one point - it looks very familiar, and I remember visiting the information bureau. Glad to have discovered your blog, looking forward to seeing more familiar spots!