Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Sydney Harbour

Looking south under the Harbour Bridge


  1. Beautiful view! I can see that the hand railing has been loved.

  2. wow...:P
    nice view from this angle.

    and thx, Sally. for your more inforamtion about Mardi Gras. :))


  3. Every time I see the photo of your face when I visit your blog, I can't get over the resemblance to a friend of mine who livesin Brisbane. Maybe not without your sunglasses. I've been planning a visit to Oz every year for the past five...hope to make it one of these days! :-)

  4. Sally, I like this shot very much. The old iron work is really interesting to me, and the scene under the bridge and beyond reminds me very much of passing under the Oakland Bay Bridge and seeing San Francisco on the other side. You have such a beautiful city to enjoy!

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  6. you know airtix to sydney is on sale! makes me wanna go visit your city!

    love this beautiful bridge...

  7. Railing in need of a paint job, makes for an interesting foreground. Love the colour of the water!