Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Secret men's business

Here's the companion photo to the one of the women yesterday! In response to Kate who asked about the ethnic makeup of my city:

35% of Sydney was born overseas; in my suburb it is 43.3%. The top 10 places they come from are: Lebanon - 8.7%; Macedonia (former Republic Yugoslavia) - 6.8%; New Zealand - 2.6%; China - 2.5%; UK - 2.3%; Italy - 2.0%; Fiji - 1.3%; Philippines - 1.2%; Indonesia - 0.9%.

Update: oops! J Bar commented inside that I seemed to have forgotten Greece. Yes, I did! Greece is = # 5 with the UK on 2.3%!
And - if you're interested in languages spoken at home, I've added that inside!

Those figures are from the 2001 census.

55% of the overseas born people in my suburb arrived before 1986.


  1. That census reveals interesting numbers and you photo's title it's funny. I like it.

  2. Are they playing cards or dominos or merely gossiping?

    Another question: what is the religious make-up. Thanks for the response to ethnicity!! You're the best!!

  3. Kate - these men are simply gossiping, though there is another group which regularly plays cards. And some chess players too, I think.

  4. tres bons les deux derniers posts, bravo

    very good the two last posts, cheer

  5. Great pictures in the last two posts. Love this about Sydney. Preserved culture.

  6. G'Day Sally. I thought that there was also a big population of people born in Greece in Arncliffe. Not sure, but I think there may be more Greeks than Italians, but less than Macedonian? Just wondering whether you might have left them off your list because there's only nine countries in your top ten.

  7. there's lots of Malaysians and Singaporeans too that makes up Sydney's population! I bunked with them when I visit your lovely city!

  8. I grew up in Arncliffe about a million years ago, and over the years, it was amazing to watch the community evolve. Looking at my school photos, from Athelstane PS, they were mostly good skippy names way back then. I think Turkish people were the first to arrive, in the late 60s...even then, there were groups of old Turkish men sitting in Arncliffe Park,talking and eating pistachio nuts, for what seemed the whole day.

  9. Your twin shots about womens business qnd mens business are fantastic! However there are more men than women out there. Should we think that the other women are locked in at home, or have created a second group?

    Very interesting stats too

  10. j bar: so right! Oops...Greece comes in at # 5 (2.3%) I think the 2006 census will show up an increased Iraqi population. Ther eis a big development going on to an Indonesian mosque; there's also an Indonesian Christian centre, and the old Methodist church n Wollongong Rd opposite the park is now a Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox cathedral!

    cabacurl - those Lebanese women sure love pistachio nots, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds!

    Nathalie - there are usually large groups of women in the park earlier in the day, usually sitting around near the other kids' play area. But, generally there are more men and boys out and about in my area - but itis changing; I do see some girls playing - running - in the park too, tho of course boys with their soccer and rugby games take up more space!

  11. Languages spoken at home, Arncliffe:

    English only: 38.6%
    Arabic 20.9%
    Macedonian 10.1%
    Greek 5.1%
    Chinese languages 4.2%
    Italian 3.0%
    Spanish 1.2%
    Vietnamese 1.0%
    Tagalog 1.0%
    Indonesian 1.0%
    Hindi 1.0%
    Not stated 4. 6%


    Islam 22.9
    Roman Catholic 22.3
    Orthodox 17.4
    Anglican 9.5
    Unititng Church 2.4
    Buddhism 1.6
    Presbyterian 1.6
    Hinduism 1.1
    Salvation Army 0.9
    Baptist 0.6
    Total Christian 58.4
    Total non-Christian 25.9
    No religion 7.8
    Inadequately described / not stated 7.8

  12. Sally, thank you for all the info you posted on ethnicity and religion and language. Very interesting changes throughout the world!!

  13. Thanks Sally. Thanks for all the languages and religion stats too.