Sunday, 22 October 2006

Series: Local domestic architecture. Part 2: Victorian

There is a lot of Victorian architecture in my area (approx 1860s to late 1890s) it is hard to choose one (so once again I've cheated and shown two!).

'Dappeto', now a Salvation Army nursing home and residence called 'Macquarie Lodge' is probably the most outstanding example of High Victorian. It was built in 1885 by an oyster merchant, constructed of sandstone face bricks, mixed with whale oil to help protect against dampness.

Previously I posted a picture of an ornate pair of Victorian houses, Gladstone and Wentworth.

Here's a pic of a more "normal" Victorian cottage, of the kind lived in by the less-than-wealthy:


  1. ce cottage est magnifique. Merci pour tes histoires

    this cottage is splendid. Thank you for your stories

  2. its amazing how the architects those days put so much details into a structure. Its gorgeous!