Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Boys at the hairdresser

We're probably all familiar with the clichéd images of women at the "beauty parlour" (think Wilma and Betty in The Flintstones!), so I was quite taken with the boys at the hairdresser in Chinatown, particularly seeing as dyed hair and exotic designs are so popular amongst young Asian men at the moment.


  1. cela change, enfant en vacances dans un village de Dordogne, j'avais le droit a une sceance de coiffeur , avec la celebre coupe au bol...Affreux ;o)

    that changes, child on holiday in a village of the Dordogne, I had the right has a sceance of hairdresser, with the famous cut with the bowl. Dreadful ;o)

  2. I began my life getting my hair cut before I could walk to the barber shop and when I came home my mother cried. I also remember that event because the haircut cost ten cents and the barber gave me one penny of that for sitting still.

    I never went to a lady barber. I wouldn't know what to do or say.

  3. Well, my hairdresser is a girl. I love her and she loves me. Even if she uses Olivier's bowl, she makes me laugh. I come away happy, and I don't have to sit all that still.
    No worries at all.

  4. These guys are what we would call "Metrosexual" other words...they are as interested in their appearance and beauty as women are. But they are not gay! Nice pic! Greetings from hot and humid Toruń here in Poland!

  5. My hairdresser is some what old man..Whenever i step into that shop,i find him for haircut me..He is a very jolly guy,and always suggest me lot of hairstyles..I'm pretty comfortable with him...
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