Friday, 21 November 2008

The Award Winners (Sculpture By The Sea 31) - Skywatch Friday

I know I'm supposed to limit myself to one photo a day, but, well, while I try to stick to the "rules", there's just times when it's impossible.

Today we look at the works which won the major awards at this year's Sculpture By The Sea. And apart from further Skywatch Fridays, I'm drawing a halt to more from this year's exhibition. However, my full gallery will be available on Sydney Daily Photo Extra - see the link below. (It may take some time to get them all posted!)

Below: The People's Choice Award was won by Kozo Nishino for Harmony With The Breeze. I have shown this before - here.

Photo above by Nola - thanks for the beautiful sunset shot for Skywatch Friday!

And now, the major critical prize winner. Titled She Thought, it's by Mark McClelland, made of mild steel and bronze. McClelland's comment: "She liked to look a long way out to sea sometimes - wondering at the place where it flew up into the sky."

Below: The artist discussing his work in an evening talk on site

Photo by Nola

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  1. Green calm below, blue quietness above.... Happy SkyWatching! I am back now... Hope you'll visit mine too...

  2. I wish I'd heard the artist talk. It's usually fun to hear what they say about their work.

  3. You are a great photographer. I enjoy all your pictures, but my favorite must be the first one because of the pink and lilac colors. Hey, I'm a girl - I'm entitelt to think so ;-)


  4. what a fantastic shot you got there.

  5. toujours superbes et puis rencontrer l'artiste cela devait être super. c'est ce que j'aime dans ce type d'exposition, pouvoir faire des rencontre.
    always haughtiness and then to meet the artist it was to be great. it is what I like in this type of exhibition, to be able to make of meets.

  6. It would have been hard for me to pick a photo out of this bunch too. But I think the first one really is amazing - lovely post.

  7. Amazing sculptures and how great that they are out on public display. Thanks for sharing these views with everyone in Sky Watch Friday.

  8. I love that sunset photo.

    Also like your header photo. There's something nice and familiar about that bridge! There's another smaller one near here in Newcastle, the Tyne Bridge, also built by Dorman Long just before yours. Nice!

    Just been looking at your Barcelona pictures and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We visit fairly regularly but I haven't taken many pictures so had a good time looking at yours. They are great!

    Haven't been for 2 years and funnily enough I've been writing a post about it. The place we usually stay at in Poble Nou has been sold so we're looking for a new flat to rent. I'll take a look at Barceloneta where you stayed as it's pretty central.

    Thanks again for your lovely photos. I'll be back to look at some more soon.

  9. I still think this outside art installation is fabulous. All great but the top shot is sensational.

  10. What a sight, I hope to see next years exhibts although after seeing this is there really any need to go along. Now that's ambiguous!
    It takes a while for me to 'catch on' about CDP, a single photo per post has real merit in itself, but just do your own thing, but is it also or more a matter of discouraging more than one post per day!

  11. Great shots, I added your wonderful blog to my followers list so I can be reminded to return often. Thanks for sharing Sydney

    Regina In Pictures

  12. I'm not surprised that one won the people's choice, its lovely especially with the sun on it. Not bad at sunset either, great shot of Nola's. Sorry I haven't been popping in that much, we're being monitored at work and I have to be more careful.

  13. A great selection of photos.

  14. Greetings from snowy Finland, Sally!
    It`s long time, when I visited you.
    And your photos gives to me again so warm, beautiful views, it makes happy feeling, all those summer colours even snow has been only few days now making everything white, I start miss colours.
    Happy weekend to you, Sally!

  15. great sculptures, really a beautiful art installation.
    & your skywatch is neat too!

  16. a lovely post and the photographs are beautiful. i like the first and fourth best.
    have a great weekend.

  17. Beautiful photos. I really love the 2nd to the last one with the view through the circle. Very nice post.

  18. All your photos are just amazing. It was fun to see them all. Thank you for a happy visit.

  19. This is a fascinating series but the first, the sunset is fabulous and the sculpture/installation is ethereal against that sky..