Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sucked in?

At first I thought a whale breaching, and in fact there have been whales off Bondi recently. The mothers and babies come quite close to the coast in the migration to the southern oceans during spring.

But on looking closer, I think it's just a strange water formation.

Bondi Baths, dawn.


  1. Shark fence? Nice to think of the whales coming so close.

  2. Was there a lot of news about the whales? I heard about it a bit here, so I imagine it was non-stop in Australia.

    I've tagged you on my blog today. Stop by and take a look. :)

  3. Shark Fence! Scary. Beautiful light and movement.

  4. What shark fence? There's no shark fence - it's a swimming pool! (Bondi Baths)

  5. Fabulous shots! Now on to the baths.