Sunday, 2 November 2008

Shark memory (Sculpture By The Sea 13)

Sharks bring out a sort of primeval fear of the ocean in many people (me included!). Ian Swift, who made this bronze, says "I discovered the Aboriginal shark rock carving nearby as a child. It takes me back a lot further than that whenever I think about it."

There are numerous examples of magnificent Aboriginal rock art around Sydney, much of it rapidly faded or fading by now.

Here's more about Ian Swift, who is a previous winner of the People's Choice award at Sculpture By The Sea.

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  1. Hi Sally! After seeing your show of the Exhibition I'm sure I'm now staying on the wrong hemisphere... ;)
    Wonderful shots!
    While I do not jump the gap, Blogtrotter is strolling somewhere around the Holy See of Echmiadzin... Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  2. The sculpture's teeth makes it very menacing.

  3. It has funny face there!
    Glad we dont have them here :)

  4. I love this sculpture! Those teeth look pretty scary!

    I like the houses too. They must have a fabulous view of the sea!

  5. Big cities have such big ideas in their artwork and architecture. It's such a pleasure to visit with these sculptures you've photographed so beautifully.

  6. Hi Sally, what a great sculpture and a superb photograph. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I've never swum in shark infested waters nor do I intend to, ever! Swimming in deep water always inspires a little fear in me from when we were kids and we used to be frightened of what we called the "unknown grabbies" that came up from the dark depths and bit pieces off you....

  8. By the way, your header photo is stunning! Really superb.

  9. Hey, Sally!
    Thanks for your comment on Theme Day. So very sorry I've been quiet, but my classwork is taking so much of my time. . . .

    I note that you said you do ATCs. They were very big when I owned my store. I had a few Aussies who sent things to the store when we had swaps. Pretty cool.

    What stamp lines do you like?