Saturday, 22 November 2008

Bread rolls

Each morning, before opening, a bag of rolls hangs outside the kiosk at Tamarama Beach. Any suggestions why?


  1. When baked in large batches, the bread rolls can be frozen for up to 3 months and thawed when needed. They taste exactly like white bread in roll shapes. Recipe makes about 15 rolls, depending on how large or small you make the rolls.

  2. I have no idea but they look delicious. I love the name Tamarama. Sounds a bit Irish.

  3. Dear Sally, can I think these are for the early swimmers?

    Sorry I wasn't able to comment every day but thank you so much for posting this wonderful wonderful series on Sculpture by the sea, it's been a pure blessing for me, I've enjoyed each and every one of your photos and commentaries.

    My post today is dedicated to you.
    Come and have a look why. Lots of love,

  4. Ah, they will get delivered before the cafe opens

  5. Maybe it's like in France and they are yesterday's stale rolls and baguettes that people collect for the ducks, geese, sheep, whatever...

  6. I was about to say stale bread too but Jilly beat me to it.
    I once bought stale bread in Switzerland to feed the ducks and had to swear hand on heart that I wouldn't eat it myself..

  7. I suspect they are there for reasons Jilly says...and perhaos for homeless or poor people.

  8. I have no idea, but bread is my weakness! I should just tape each bag on an ass cheek and call it a day.

  9. Its quite simple.....

    The bakers who supply the bread bake the bread in the early hours of the mornings.....

    So most businesses that they bake bread for for will be closed.

    Usually they would deliver it at like 5am-6am. Obvioulsy no one will be there. So they just leave it outside the shop door. It happends all the time

  10. Anon : Maybe, but I hardly think this is enough rolls for a busy kiosk / cafe for a full day. I have never seen them delivered in plastic bags either - they are usually delivered in wooden trays.

  11. Hi Sally!
    No idea what the bread is for either, but I recently visited Tamarama whilst looking at Sculptures By The Sea and I was quite surprised at how down-at-heel the old kiosk was looking! Check out my photos of SBTS and the kiosk at
    (and older)