Monday, 17 November 2008

The Bush Ranger 2008 (Sculpture By the Sea 27)

The Bush Ranger 2008 by Campbell Robertson-Swann. Made of stainless steel, mild steel.

"This work is influenced by Sid Nolan's Ned Kelly in the landscape. The black armour framed by and framing the Australian bush."

For more about Ned Kelly: click here. For more about Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly series: click here.

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  1. We (2 families of 4 + 1 extra boy) were at SBS on an extremely busy Sunday. One of the 3, 10 year old boys thought it would be a good idea to stick his head through the "Eye hole" of this Kelly mask. Apparently his head was smaller on the way in. In the five minutes it took to extricate him we'd gathered a large crowd, one man suggesting we smother his ears in sun screen to aid his exit.

  2. I hope it all ended well! Bit of a shock, but it sounds very funny the way you described it!