Sunday, 30 November 2008

Daytime swim

On my day off, I went to a Pilates class at the Fitness First gym at Sylvania, and stayed for a swim. The pool is at the intersection of two very busy roads, yet can't be seen at all from outside, and the trees outside provide a restful setting on a sunlit day.

I have been asked if my fascination with swimming pools stems from having been a competitive swimmer. The answer is a resounding No! But for as long as I can remember I've just loved swimming. I think my earliest memory of swimming in a suburban swimming pool is teaching myself to swim at about the age of 4 or 5.

Can you swim? Can you remember learning? Do you enjoy it?

Check out my swimming blog here.

PS To people who wished me Happy Thanksgiving - errrrr - thanks, but:

We don't celebrate it in Australia. . . it's about America, pilgrims, harvest, autumn. We're quite a few thousand kilometres away, and, despite occasional appearances to the contrary ( the occasional lickspittle Prime Minister thinking other peoples' wars are a good idea, being a case in point) we don't follow all American traditions. It would make about as much sense as Egypt celebrating Australia Day! I guess we could be thankful it's sumer, and time for cherries and mangoes and peaches....and with halloween now having made its way across the Pacific, who knows - maybe we'll be doing Thanksgiving next?


  1. I agree, I'm not keen on Americanisms seeping into other cultures either. Why can't they take some of ours for a change? I'd love to see Morris dancing in Times Square, or them adopting Ramadan. Imagine all the obese Yanks trying to go a whole day without eating!

    As for swimming, it's something I'm not very good at and only do it on holiday.

  2. You tell 'em, girl! And don't give up on ridding us of the Halloween-creep, either! I suspect it is more a commerce-based invasion than anything else. But resist!!!!

    Found this online this morning and thought it would be right up your alley-way ...

  3. I LOVE to swim!! My new club does NOT have a pool, and I'm a bit disappointed with that. :-(

  4. I love that photo, looks so inviting.

    I love to swim too even though I'm not very good at it. I've made my New Year resolution already to learn to do the crawl before we go on holiday in May.

    I love swimming pools especially outdoor ones. I have this recurring nightmare that I'm on holiday, it's the last day & I haven't been in the pool. Weird or what!

    No the Thanksgiving thing passes us by in the UK too. Mind I'd like the extra holiday. We don't get many Bank Holidays in the UK only 8 in England & Wales. Scotland & Norhtern Ireland get more. The rest of Europe get more, WOW, Spain gets a minimum of 16 with extras for local saints.

    How many do you get in OZ?

  5. I'm jealous. What a gorgeous indoor pool! My pool has an ugly opaque bubble over it in the winter. I could pay $6,000 a year more and have one similar to yours across the street. For that price I'll learn to cope.

    On a previous post, I shared your ticky tacky post with my 18 year old son who was home for Thanksgiving, and he has subsequently shared it with many of his university friends who do not want to be pushed into the "business" world by their parents. You have revived a movement half way around the world!!!!

  6. Perceptive comment about Egypt celebrating Australia Day. National perceptions ... so ego-centric all too frequently. Of course you are thankful for summer, mangoes and peaches, and that's enough. Let the Pilgrims eat their turkey and roast their corn between the Atlantic and Pacific shores. That, to me, is the beauty of different cultures. Different traditions and perspectives. Happy splashing!