Sunday, 9 November 2008

Panther on the prowl (Sculpture By The Sea 20)

(Photo by Guest Photographer - Nola)

Made of scarificer steel. The artists, Drew Mansur and Derek Mansur say: "Using scrap metal from our farm we designed and assembled this work to capture the grace of this incredible wild animal."

I over the fly on the "nose" captured when Nola took the picture.

Of course panthers aren't native to Australia, but wherever there is bushland or rural areas surrounding cities, there are always stories or wild panther sightings.

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  1. Looks pretty scary! I still like yesterday's the best!

  2. Looking back through your posts makes me realise how many I missed because of the crowds. I did see this one, and liked it.

  3. Really like art made of old metal. This is nice. Just clashes (to my eye) with the background flowers but that's not the artist's fault!