Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Morning laps, Bondi Baths

Morning laps at Bondi Baths.

Bondi Icebergs was founded in 1929 by some dedicated winter swimmers. Every Sunday from May to September, over 700 male and female swimmers compete in races. To be a full swimming member you must swim three out of four Sundays for a period of five years. There are 90-0dd junior members, aged 5 -17, called 'Bondi Icecubes'.

The official winter swimming season opens on the first Sunday in May, when blocks of ice are ceremoniously thrown into the pool.

For more pictures of this lovely ocean pool, click here to see my Swimming blog.


  1. And are you a member? If so, I always knew you were one crazy lady! Love the photographs - as per yesterday's which I love. It even looks cold to me.

  2. Oh, Jilly - good god no! I am definitely a warm water swimmer!

  3. oh - that water looks sooooooooo perfect!
    Our outside swimming pool doesn't open until December 1 - I can't wait!

  4. What an amazing location! For a moment I thought it was 2 photographs one of the ocean & one of the pool! I liked the extra photos on your (die-hard) swimming blog - esp. how the natural rock is integrated into the side of the pool & the way the waves seem to be breaking on the pool. I was a swimmer in high school (3rd place Northeast LA league in backstoke) but now don't get wet much unless the water is nice & warm. Icebergs...oh, no.