Thursday, 27 November 2008


It's not unusual to come across footwear around the Australian coastline.....people take off their thongs or sandals, and sometimes forget them, or they might just leave them nearby while they go for a swim.

Do you know the feeling of fine sand between your toes? Do you like it?

Link to Crocs and pink thongs.


  1. je sais que c'est l'été, mais on dirait qu'elles sont sur de la neige.
    I know that it is the summer, but they would say that they are on some snow.

  2. I did that the first time I found a patch of snow. Snow between the toes is not the same!

    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  3. Writing this from the chilly UK I would love the chance of wearing thongs and getting sand between my toes!

  4. I shall like very much putting thongs but I do not like having the ice-cold feet

  5. Ah Summer..seems a long time ago now.
    Those look too nice to have been abandoned.

  6. Love the picture.
    When I saw the heading "Thongs" in my Items list I wondered what on earth the photo would be like.

    There are certainly differences in our vocabulary. I'm afraid to say flip flops never entered my head! Knickers came to mind.

  7. A uniquely view of everyday life down under and our approaching summer season. Hope you are enjoying a weekend of sunshine.

  8. Fantastic blog!

    Peace from Melbourne,