Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Drifter and Now That You Are Here (Sculpture By The Sea 17)

Above: The Drifter by Stephen Marr
"My current works attempts to blur the distinction between painting and sculpture and distorts the spatial elements used to construct these multi-dimensional illusions."

Below: The First Agreement by Anton McMurray.
"Now that you are here, perhaps we can begin."

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  1. toujours aussi surprenante ces statues, cette exposition me plait beaucoup. les statues vont rester toujours là, ou juste le temps de l'exposition ?.
    always surprising these statues, this exhibition I like a lot. statues will always remain there, or just the time of exposure?.

  2. Hee! Are those ladies joggers or just can't wait to get some more sculpture in?

    Another nice piece of work. Every day is a treat in Sydney!

  3. Is this Tamara beach? I love that place.