Sunday, 20 April 2008

Even More People!

A great big THANKYOU to everyone who stopped by yesterday to wish SDP a Happy Birthday. Here: have a piece of cake at the party!

Above:Even more people from the past year. They get bigger if you click on the collage, or follow the links below to the individual posts if one takes your fancy. Moving from top left to bottom right:
Theme Day: red - 1 July 2007 - The daily commute
Central Station Busker- 12 May 2007 - Chinese puppeteer
These boots were made for golfing - 14 June 2007 - driving range, Tempe
We're happy little vegemites - 26 June 2007 - Vegemite in a Surry Hills cafe
What, no cars? - 26 April 2007 - Crossing the road on a cloudy, windy day
Turkish bread and vegemite for Anzac Day - 25 April 2007 - my grandparents' wedding photo
Labor Party Conference - 28 April 2007 - lobbying for public education
Sunday morning fishing, Tom Ugly's Point - 5 Aug 2007
Lights, camera, action - 30 June 2007 - filming in a Surry Hills cafe
Wedding photos - 24 Sep 2007 - Mirambeena Regional Park
Boys at the hairdresser - 30 May 2007 - Chinatown
Catching some sun - 23 June 2007 - Sunning in the Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour
Golfers, Little Bay - 24 July 2007
Seeking Inspiration, Glebe Point - 21 July 2007
Lyon Daily Photo in Sydney - 31 July 2007 - Sally meets Cedric and Angelique
Peaceful protest - 23 Nov 2007 - student protester
Beach Games - 12 Oct 2007 - kids playing on Ramsgate Beach
Yuck factor 100% - 9 Oct 2007 - squeezing zits
Backyard Sunday - 28 Oct 2007 - Tom at backyard bbq
Democracy was served - 24 Nov 2007 - voting in the federal election
Taste, Surry Hills - 14 Dec 2007 - pre-Christmas lunch
Santa Bunny - 21 Dec 2007Happy 14th Birthday - 21 Jan 2008 - Homebush Aquatic Centre
Beers in Newtown - 4 Feb 2008 - Sat arvo beer in Newtown
Saturday sport - 12 April 2008 - the agony and the ecstacy


  1. I had the cake and it's delicious, just as all your posts are!! I think I'll stop to toast you with a little wine!!

  2. Another great selection. You've taken such fab pics over these two years, Sally. and thanks for the cake. Delicious!

  3. hi sally, happy birthday!

    our muslim population is increasing, but no new mosques are being built - rather buildings are adapted to suit muslims, but in a quiet "don't mind us, we're just doing our business privately" sort of way. the former mosques are the remnants of an old regime that the local population don't want to be reminded of...

  4. Shucks...I thought I had missed it but see I was here yesterday and back again today. Happy. Congrats.

  5. The cake was yummy .. I had a piece for breakfast. I really like the collages. You did a great job.

  6. Congratulations, and happy (belated) birthday from Pasadena!

  7. Great post - congrats. Excellent shots of your city.

  8. Congrats on 2yrs. Sorry I didn't drop by yeasterday. (wasn't online). Great collages for both days.

  9. Lots of fab memories.
    Another great collage, well done Sally!

  10. More great photos And thanks for the cake, delicious!

  11. It looks to me that it has been a grand year...with lots of great people gracing your blog.

  12. Your photos are so full of people. That makes it a great collage.

  13. Happy belated blog birthday, Sally. Sydney looks like quite a lively place - thank you for sharing the view through your lens.

  14. joyeux anniversaire, bravo et félicitation. j'aime bien ton idée de tes deux posts avec les montages. Alors bonne continuation.

    Happy birthday, bravo and congratulations. I like your idea of your two posts with the montages. So best.