Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Macquarie Street, lunchtime

Some people wondered if yesterday's photo was my pool. I wish! No, it's a free, public pool. And I live in far more modest surroundings than this suburb with some of Sydney's highest property prices (start thinking many millions of dollars for an apartment). LOL.


  1. Hi Sally,
    thank you for your message.
    You're right it will take time to recover. Right now I have to restart a new life from scratch. Take care,

    Jean Charles

  2. I wouldn't mind being your friend if you owned that pool LOL!

  3. I really like this photo.
    I like the expression on the bloke's face on the left - I think he is pretending to listen to her but is actually more interested in his banana!

  4. I spy a rasta wearing a tam in the background. ;-)