Saturday, 12 April 2008

Saturday sport

The agony of a missed kick for goal (never mind, there were also successes!)

Chances are if you're a parent, you're familiar with Saturday sidelines ...

Mouthguards in, last minute words from the coach, and we're back on after quarter time:

Australian Rules footy is only played in, well ......Australia. It's a fast flowing, running, kicking game. If you're a visitor to Australia from late March to September you should try to catch a game.

... and if you're not on the field yourself, there's usually some action BEHIND the posts


  1. There's a few future "harry high-pants" there!

  2. Nice looking group of youngsters all eager to participate for the blessings. I like this set of pictures for what it shows. Over here so many of our young people are playing sports like this but parents are also in the background screaming at them to do this or that. I often pity the kids.

  3. Sally, these photos are terrific! I especially love the top snap. Great action photos, too.

    We go to lots of our grandson's games: football, basketball, and baseball and the parents are kept in line by a great group of community coaches. God love 'em!!--both the young athletes and their coaches who are so generous with their free time!

  4. Super set of photos, Sally. I don't understand this game but then I don't understand any football really...

  5. Oh these are just lovely! Such movement! The expressions are priceless :)

  6. Great pictures, the first one looks like he was about to sneeze, not that he missed a goal. Nice action.

  7. The top photos is fantastic!
    Yes, been there, done that, except it was for soccer. Footy, no thanks.