Wednesday, 30 April 2008

White chairs, autumn leaves

As autumn digs in, and cool winds strip the leaves from the plane trees, it's a bit cold for outdoor cafe life.


  1. What a lovely photograph. I love the way the brown of the leaves echos the wood. And adore those reflections. A beautiful autumn photo, Sally. Not long now and you'll have summer tho!

  2. Oh but spring is here with cold temps today but warm ones this weekend. I thought, until I read your comment, that when Sally showed up with her camera and a big smile the people all took off.

    But then I read the post and realized you are getting ready for cold weather and besides I didn't see any uneaten food, dishes or glasses on the tables.

  3. How odd it is to have Autumn in April!! But I guess if you grew up with Winter in June and Summer in December, it isn't so odd afterall.