Friday, 4 April 2008

Boats on Little Sirius Cove (Walk Part 2)

Continuing on our walk, looking across Little Sirius Cove to Curraghbeena Point. Look carefully at the right hand side and you can see the apartment block the spider was "attacking" two days ago.

Aerial map:


  1. everything looks so calm and quiet...

  2. You can almost tell that this photo was not taken in Chicago. The trees maybe.

    Nice photography as usual.

    I am not up to normal yet, so am only trying to pop in here and there. As I get better I will try to get back on schedule.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville home from hospital.

  3. c'est une grande ville, et pourtant ta photo est si calme, si tranquillisante, superbe. Bon Weekend

    It is a big city, and yet your photo is so quiet, if tranquillisante, superb. Good Weekend

  4. The boats all look like toys. I like the green, red and yellow one, but it looks like it doesnt belong.

  5. Hi Sally! Here I am for my weekly visit... ou don't get rid of me so easily... ;))
    It must have been a great walk on a gorgeous day, but I'm not envious;we have 29º Celsius today, and the sky is even bluer than yours... ;)
    The Spider looks as threatening as water shortage... And I loved the post on Christina Stead!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. What a walk this is. Just loving it. Fabulous photo, Sally.

  7. I love the blue waters and the boats.
    Nice pic.