Friday, 18 April 2008

What I Learned Today

According to the young man on the megaphone:

1. Taxpayers pay teachers' salaries. (True: for public school teachers)
2. 90% of taxes paid in Australia are paid by Liberal Party* voters (manifest nonsense, and one would hope for better from someone with ambitions to be a politician in this country)
3. Ergo, teachers who belong to the teachers' union and who don't support the Liberal Party are shooting themselves in the foot.

* The Liberal Party in Australia is the conservative party. These 12 or so young people are members of the Young Liberals, and they staged a "demonstration" today outside the building of the public school teachers' union. It was very funny. Their megaphone work needs a little work, and their grasp of facts helps one understand why their party is not in government nationally, or in a single state! But they were very polite.


  1. Looks like the "No Bias" girl might have a crush on the megaphone man.

  2. LOL well at least they were polite.

    And I was thinking "No Bias" girl was going to start laughing out loud at megaphone man, or maybe like Abe says, it's a crush,lol.

  3. Oh Abe and Tanya, I love your comments!

    Coming here is such a treat. I really enjoyed seeing the Hyde Park Barracks again and your post about the Miles Franklin award made me want to read all those books...

  4. Definately a crush. What a great social image. My partner is a teacher (just supply now) and mostly a BBC cartoonist. I will have to show him this.

  5. Surely she couldn't be that stupid to have a crush on someone who reckons 90% of Australia's taxes are paid by liberal voters?
    Could she?

  6. We have had numerous protests in NYC lately. There was the anti-war protest a couple weeks ago. Then the Free Tibet demonstration.

    And this week, there were protests during the Pope's visit to NYC...well, more like demonstration that the Catholic Church has not done enough to apologize for the sexual abuse scandal.

  7. Most definately a crush.

    Sally, thanks for insightful commentary. Every time I come here I learn something; that's great if you consider this is not school, you know.