Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Golfers, The Coast Golf Course, Little Bay

To gain access to Little Bay, where I took yesterday's photo, I walked across The Coast Golf Course. The cliffs along here host a series of golf courses, all with spectacular views. There is a public access walk along those cliffs. This was taken about 4:15 pm as late afternoon winter shadows fell and the sky paled.


  1. The view could be awesome if those were ladies.

    Abraham Lincoln
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  2. I was going to comment positively on the excellent framing and composition, but I'll also agree with Abe.

  3. That is a striking shot. However, my mind has been scrambled by Monsieur le Président and jb.
    Please just imagine all the nice things I was going to say. They were most sincerely meant.

  4. Why PRES!!!! I NEVER!

    That view would be even MORE awesome if they were nakey young firemen!!!

    Excuse me...I'm hormonal!

    HI SALLY! When did you become a PRO PHOTOGRAPHER!


    I reeeeeeeeeally need to golf AND get to the coast!

    Too bad the best place to do that is down in Monterey and Carmel where fees are a mere $300.00!!!

    Guess I could just sit and enjoy the view huh?


  5. Many balls in the water, I guess...

  6. Well, I never! Settle the hormones boys!

    ame: Aust is a bit of a golfers' paradise - public courses everywhere (despite the environmental problems of water use - hopefully more use recycled water now). Japanese tourits come on package tours to play on public courses where green fees might reach dizzy heights like $50 to tee off....

  7. alice: Yes! I saw several golf balls amongst the rocks...