Saturday, 21 July 2007

Seeking inspiration, Glebe Point

Maybe this young man is writing the next best-seller, now that Harry Potter has exited the stage in a blaze of magic.

Where do you go when you're looking for inspiration?


  1. The ocean, the mountains, my backyard...most places outside do it for me. Nice photo.

  2. Go through my photos, listen to music, look at the work of others, go for a walk on the beach. I have scrapbooks also, Sally, I think that's 'had'...they have been 'geographically dislocated' since i ran away from the classroom.

  3. I like your question and your photo. It begs the answer to your question, "Where do you go for inspiration?" and the answer, for me, is out the back door.

    No matter when I walk outside I always see something that interests me and I always end up taking photographs of it and lots of other things.

    I think a problem about being inspired is that we seldom take the time to look at what is around us.

    I don't have to drive or go anywhere to be inspired. I can close my eyes and be inspired as long as my mind is working. I cannot stop "thinking" about all kinds of things.

    When I look up at a cloud and marvel at its beauty, I can't help myself for thinking, "Where is that UFO and what will I do if it pops out for a second or two?"

    If I walk along a stream my mind carries me back to the time when an Indian walked along this stream or when dozens of buffalo walked here on this same trail.

    My life is a book and each day opens a new chapter.

    It must be a sad life to have to go somewhere for inspiration. If that is the reason you go. If you happen to be there and see something that inspires you then that is like getting two packages at Christmas.

    I guess getting inspiration is totally different for each person and that is what also makes each one of us different.

  4. Well, inspiration for me has to come usually for my scrapbooking. I like to create with the pages. I will look at magazines (even gardening magazines), or now and then, I will see something that triggers me to use something special while I'm relaxing somewhere like this guy.

  5. anything that stills the mind to let the inspiration flow...

    this shot captures that well, not striving just allowing it to happen. amazing light too.

    Planet Earth Daily Photo.

  6. A nice place to look for inspiration, such a beautiful marina. Sitting at or near some water is always good to get creative ideas.

  7. The waterfront or the bike path (quiet). Nice photo.

  8. Inspiration comes in many forms. It could be an overheard word, an article in a newspaper, or a beautiful flower, sunset, any object of nature. Writing is difficult, sometimes tedious, but always rewarding. Photography needs an aware eye!

  9. PS. The photo is wonderful and quite an inspiration to me to begin writing again!!

  10. Thaks to all who answered.

    I also find inspiration in many places - sometimes out the front door, sometimes a word or gesture from loved ones, sometimes I actively seek it when doing art works in magazines or thumbing through others' works, or web pages. And sometimnes it just hits me (often when I;m at my beautiful place at the coast)

  11. Oh oh, I know exactly where this photo was taken. In Glebe? I recognise these new units by the water and the sailing boats moored there!
    Inspiration? Anywhere in nature but mostly by the sea!