Saturday, 29 July 2006

Vanishing Sydney icons number 3

These wooden train destination indicators are due to be scrapped very soon. Most stations have already gone to electronic TV monitor displays. These boards are changed by hand by the station attendant before each train arrives.

When I took this photo the wonderful ticket sellet told me she was glad I was taking a photo, because these ones are going very soon. I asked if I could take her picture with them, but she was quite shy, and also very busy selling tickets - it was morning peak. Maybe if I catch her in a quieter moment??

Previous vanishing icons here and here.


  1. Progress has no romance. Nice picture.

  2. I agree with Neo. I hope it goes into a museum of some sort. It shouldn't just disappear.

  3. we have some kind of transport musuem, perhaps i'll find a similar one there