Thursday, 29 June 2006

The Shell Garage - Vanishing Icon Number 2 ?

In homage to Ham's London photo from a couple of days ago, I offer up this shell garage, in the front of the Catholic church presbytery in Homebush. Apparently it featured in a TV ad for a bank some years ago. In the front yard there is an equally gorgeously festooned fountain, with a madonna on top, which, apparently glows at night. It seems like a night time trip may be in order some time soon....

There's another picture of the garage, and one of the fountain here.


  1. Brilliant! there is clearly so much work put into building this. It is nice to see people not afraid to let their personality show in their gardens!

  2. Fine ! Catholic presbytery using Man old money for decoration. What an expensive garage we have here !

    By the way, nice photos on your place ! Why don't you update your DP Links ?

  3. Enlarging the photo gives a real look at all the work involved in this structure. The large shells across the top are amazingly preserved.

  4. I put up another picture and one of the fountain here.

  5. Hey, I like it! Can you imagine how the idea came about...just suppose...

    In a conference with the architect... Little Jane tugging at daddy's sleeve, back from the seaside with a bucket of shells.... "can I stick my shells on it, daddy, can I? Can I?, pleeeeeeese?"

    It's a thought