Sunday, 9 July 2006

Train to Central

Here's a Sydney suburban train taken from under the railway bridge between Wolli Creek and Tempe stations. There's a cycle and walkway goes under the bridge, and I had a walk along it yesterday in beautiful sunshine. I catch the train along this route to and from work every day.

Does anyone else's city have double-decker trains?


  1. Paris does for sure. Quite a few other european towns do, but not London. We're lucky to ge tone deck of train ;-)

  2. Ah, yes, the RER in Paris.

    I think I recall regional trains in Italy are too.

  3. Hi Sally!

    Think I found your DP from Eric's site...anyway...

    Nice to "meet" take awesome pictures!

    My BIL and his family lived in Sydney for awhile...his wife, Katrina, is from Hobart. They have 3 kids and now live up in Brisbane...someday I'm sure we'll visit!

    Keep up the great shots...I'll be back often!


  4. Yes Sally, Ham is right, we do have double-decker sub-burban trains here in Paris, but most notably, the double-deck TGV. Your photos are getting better and better. Great job!

  5. Hi ame - thanks for the kind words.

    Eric: well, sometimes a photo just seems to work! Thanks.

  6. Whenever I visit Sydney, I always enjoy riding on the Tangaras.