Monday, 24 July 2006

Sydney's pyramid

Paris has its famous glass pyramid. Here's Sydney's. It is part of the tropical plant house at the Botanic Gardens. More info here.

In Sydney's climate, the glasshouse provides for appropriate light, humidity and ventilation, as well as protection from excessive sunlight, heat and dry winds, rather than protection from cold.


  1. Before I read your comment, I immediately thought of Paris. I would like to see the inside, too.

  2. Near us in Stockport is a pyramid shaped building -- it houses an insurance company.

    The motorway junction is now commonly known as "Pyramid Junction".

    BTW There's a caption competition on Hyde DP right now.

  3. The Botanical Gardens are great and wonderful to walk round. In fact, the whole of Sydney Harbour is brilliant.

  4. Greenhouses need not be pyramid-shaped. The pagan-worshippers are behind this. See for more details.

    1. watch it. .. your tinfoil hat is slipping

  5. Mmm thats just one pyramid that been buil so far...

    Soon there are plans for a pyramid to be a new land mark... by the illuminati . to show there world power and control.

    they OWN us.its sad

  6. lol so are people not allowed to want to build a pyramid unless their in the illuminati. i love pyramids as do many architects. its just a shape, learn more about conspiracies before calling the botanic gardens an occult site haha