Sunday, 16 July 2006

Kitesurfing, Botany Bay

Saturday was cold and wet, and also windy - perfect for these kitesurfers out on Botany Bay. The two women in the foreground were out walking and, like me, stopped to take a look.

It reminded me of a visit we made once to Tarifa, in Spain, a mecca for wind-propelled water sports of all kinds.

You can see some more shots here.


  1. So Sally, I'm just catching up with the rest of the world and watching the tv series Lost on DVD. Is it popular in Sydney? If you haven't seen it, then you'll think my question is crazy.

  2. It's the winter there. We cannot wear so warm cohing now !

  3. michael: yes Lost is on TV here, but I haven't watched it!

    perle: yep, it's winter, but these kind of days are few and far between - we have very bright and sunny winters on the whole. So this is quite a different side of Sydney.

    Thanks for stopping by michael and perle!

  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm still curious about how popular the show is elsewhere. I'll have to make a poll.... ;-)