Sunday, 23 July 2006

"Stop Killing Lebanon" protest

In central Sydney on Saturday, up to 20 000 people attended the peaceful demonstration against the events in Lebanon.

These posters started appearing on shops and telegraph poles around my area in the past week.
The 2001 census showed that in my suburb, 22.9 percent of the population is Muslim, the largest single religious group, although unlike the various Christian sects it is not broken down into different Muslim groups. People reporting to be Christian comprised 54.7 % (Catholic 22.3%; Orthodox 17.4%; various Protestant denominations 15%). My co non-religionists comprised 7.8 %, and "not stated" was 6.7%. 1.6% reported being Buddhist, and 1.1% Hindu.

Of the Muslims, many are Shiite Muslims from southern Lebanon, and there is a prominent Shiite mosque in the suburb. Most of the Lebanese migrants came to the district as a result of the Lebanese civil war. 8.7 % of the people in my suburb were born in Lebanon. 20.9% of people speak mainly Arabic at home.

I love the multicultural area where I live. Here's the low-down on my suburb.


  1. Colorful and striking sign. Your post could turn into a political discussion, but that's not always useful, tho!

  2. Wow, I had no idea Sydney was so diverse... Very interesting!