Saturday, 15 July 2006

Friday morning drearies

Some days are just better forgotten least Friday means the weekend! I had to drive in to work in the city yesterday, so here's a shot through the front windscreen in stop-start traffic. And in case you are wondering "I thought people drive on the left in Australia", it's a one-way street!


  1. Sorry about the traffic... but at least now it's the weekend (for you!) Here it's still Friday morning!

  2. hey there sally. why haven't I come by here sooner? sydney is one of my favourite holiday destinations. Bill's is where I have breakfast usually. Unless it's Saturday, then I'm at Le Petit Creme for the delicious Eggs Benedict and a bowl of Latte. Then I wander the streets (and the ferries!) I have some shots of Manly on my Flickr page.

    Oh, and Crown St. Pizza! (since the real Arthur's is gone AWOL)

    I'll be coming to Sydney for a wedding in January! More food!

    And thank you so much for your comment on KLDP.

  3. Chaotic, great buildings in background.

  4. Hi edwin - pleased to make your acquaintance. Great descriptions of sydney food and venues!