Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Botany Bay - Lady Robinson Beach

Late winter afternoon, looking towards the airport and city

Sydney is famous for its surf beaches, but the lovely white sand beaches of Botany Bay are popular with locals for fishing, all sorts of water sports, walking, runnign and bicycling along.

It's true that there is a fair bit of industrial development onits shores, as well as Sydney's major port, Port Botany, and the airport, but in this stretch from Brighton-le-Sands to Dolls Point, recreation is the major activity.

There used to be ladies and men's baths along here, and there still are netted swimming areas. The water is pretty clean, except after storms.

The non-surf bayside beach reminds me of Mediterranean beaches, and it's no accident that Brighton-le-Sands is a gathering point for Greek-Australians, with lots of Greek restaurants, and people promenading.

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  1. Hi Sally

    Thanks for sending me the postcard of the Sydney Harbour bridge which was my prize for winning the London Daily Photo sleuth competition.
    Sorry to hear your weather has been cold, wet and windy recently. Believe it or not, we are having a heatwave in England at the moment and the temperature is forecast to reach 37 degrees on Wednesday!
    Thanks for taking the trouble to send me the card, and for posting your great pics every day.


  2. That's a pleasure, Chris.