Saturday, 23 February 2008

Redleaf Pool, Double Bay

A lovely harbour pool at the end of Seven Shillings Beach. Foot access only, down the stairs behind the Woollahra Council Offices on New South Head Road.

The small island is Clark Island. It's part of Sydney Harbour National Park. It can only be accessed by private vessel. You can book it for weddings and other functions. In 1789, Lieutenant Ralph Clark, a marine on the First Fleet, tried to cultivate a vegetable garden on this one hectare island. He abandoned the idea when his crops were repeatedly stolen.
There's more pictures of Redleaf pool here on my "Swimming" blog.


  1. Hi Sally, here I am trying to recapture your last posts on my weekly visit… ;) and what did I get: a new T-shirt, a hot spa swin, and a Sydney Park walk. Great! Forget the cemetery... ;)
    Always missing your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around the streets of Sofia.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. The shoreline in this part of the harbour is wonderful, isn't? Shame that its very layout gives the deliberate impression that one is "trespassing". Any idea of the history behind the name "Seven Shillings Beach"?

  3. as always, great pics,
    article from today's New York Times about Sydney's 'rock pools' you may like to look at

  4. Thanks so much simon ....I am going to pinch it for my Swimming blog. Nicely written article .

    julie: coming up next ....Seven Shillings beach.

  5. The apartments/buildings by the beach must be super expensive.

    I love the red building on the right.